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Enhance Local Business Profile with Addon Marketing Services

Sub-Accounts for Multiple Local Business Locations

Order Sub-Accounts - 10 @$10/each

Getting found online is all about the local search listings. When you have multiple local business locations, you need to make sure you’re represented in your local listings for all locations to maximize your online traffic and increase leads to your business!

Hometown Ad has the perfect solution - sub-accounts for multiple local business locations! Group your locations together under your main local business profile to maintain your business brand while also showcasing your business services or products to other local communities. 

Setting up sub-accounts for your other business locations has several benefits. Each location gets a local business profile that increases online visits from that local community. You can list working days and hours, display products or services, offer location-specific promotions and highlight your stellar staff at each location. It’s quick and easy for a location manager to blog or post pictures about their location, too. This level of personalization speaks volumes about your brand and how you treat your customers and it can make the difference in winning new business. 

Each sub-account local business profile is automatically set up to receive their own leads via phone, email or message. If you take location-specific appointments, add the Hometown Ad Calendly Integration Boost to your account and give each of your multiple locations their own appointment scheduling calendar! 

Sub-accounts allow you to maintain a consistent brand across multiple local business locations. The experts at Hometown Ad will set up your sub-accounts for you. It’s easy to get started, simply fill out the form we send you and then we’ll take care of the rest! 

Sub-Accounts are $10/each with a minimum purchase of ten (10) sub-accounts. 


Order Sub-Accounts - 10 @$10/each