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List of 5 best secret service and spy movies of all time

List of 5 best secret service and spy movies of all time

The concept of Spy and secret agent movies was earlier introduced in 1821. The first-ever Spy based novel was James Fenimore Cooper’s book published with the name “The Spy”. This novel was the first one that boomed in the “Spy Movies” market and this was based on the adventures of the American secret agent, Detective Harvey Birch. From this, the need and greed to watch and read more about the Spy detective concept-based have raised.

Then came many short stories and novels and the 20th-century icon came to be a gentleman spy- Detective James Bond. His impressive good looks and the intellectual way of solving the cases with those tailored suits and his quick with British accent impressed the audience. However, until now there are many Spy movies that are gaining popularity when we talk about the Spy Movies List. So here you will get to know the most rated top 5 movies that are based on IMDB’s rating.

List of 5 best movies based on IMDB’s ratings

North by Northwest: With a rating of 8.3 on the IMDB’s list of movies, this movie has earned the space in the best Spy Movies List. The plotting of the movie shows an old guy and taking the traditional concept along with flips that take the detective story upside down. The movie showcases an executive at the NYC ad agency and how he saves the world. The climax takes you to the greatest spy movies action scenes if all time.


The Bourne Ultimatum: This movie gets along on the path of Jason Bourne who is trying to unfold his past. His journey to reveal his past is quite intense. The story of the movie drives you to his journey to uncover his past providing the character’s beginnings with high-paced action sequences that make it one of the best in the Spy Movies List.

Casino Royale: The most-rated movie amongst of bond series starring Daniel Craig, Casino Royale reveals the dark secrets of the Bond Franchise. While there is certain points of arrogance with the kinship of alcohol. Here bond’s character is more of a soldier who graced beautifully on the big screen with all his tantrums to solve the mysteries. It has taken its place in the Spy Movies List of best movies ever.


The Bourne Identity: The lead character of the movie was the most playful with ocean pulled, riddled and bullets. You will get to see the guy having the most seeming moments, death experiences with total amnesia. Through the journey of the movie his memory got blank and then he discovers he is not only good in understanding and learning the multiple languages he is indeed and he has incredible fighting instincts. And then the story completely turns when he finds himself. This movie gained top ratings when we talk about the best of the Spy Movies List.


Skyfall: The sequential blockbuster hit and the second most Bond films starring Daniel Craig and it is arguably one of the better bonds we have ever watched. The movie plotting is so the character goes horrifically wrong once he has completed his latest missions. You will get the best of never before seen insights of his bad past incidents. The Skyfall is the nerve-racking thriller Spy movie for which you will go on the edge of your seats watching the movie. One of the best blockbuster collections for Spy movies is never completed if we do not add Skyfall in the Spy Movies List.

Wrapping up:

The Spy Movies List is never completed if you do not add the movies in the list that is described in this article. You are further recommended to visit spymovieslist.com for further amalgamation of the best of the best movies of different genres. Get to know the latest movies and their stories behind them. For more information about the Spy Movies List visit the official website.


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