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Local Business Profile - Full Features List

See what you can do with your FREE MEMBER PAGE!



Have an article you wrote that you want to showcase and get exposure for? You can do it right on your profile.

Blog Posts

Publish a blog post or run a blog. Right from your profile!

Bookmark Your Favorites

You can bookmark your favorite member profile, post coupon or classified so you can get back to it easily. Works like a facebook like. You click on the "heart" icon on your favorites!

Category Listings

This is where your business will show up! Choose the best category or categories that best describes your business.

Classified Ads

Sell your stuff! Set a price, condition of products, status, location, external web link, description and more!

Company Overview

Let your visitors know a little more about you and what you do.


Choose type of offer, use promo code, set an expiration date, add a picture, set a link, description, and more!

Cover Photo

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, this is a horizontal photo at the top of your profile to make your profile as unique as you are.



Promote an event. Choose start and end date and time, if recurring, cost, venue details, and much more!


Integrated Google Map

This google map appears on your profile and lets visitors find you quickly and easily. You dont have to do anything here. This is automatically populated based on your address.

In-Profile Contact Form

Your prospective clients will be able to contact you right on your profile. Simple and easy!


Job Postings

Hiring? Turn your profile into an employment site. Post salary, start date, location, external link and much more!

Link To Website

Add a link to your website, landing page or any other place you showcase your business.


Online/Offline Notification

If you are logged into your dashboard, your profile will show that you are "Online and ready to Chat"


Personalized Quote/Motto

Have a unique saying or a company motto? Showcase it here.

Phone Number

Add a phone number where your visitors can easily reach you.

Photo Galleries

You can add images here. As many as you want per gallery. Add Smart tags (keywords) and description for your gallery.

Product Listings

Have a store and want to display your products? You can add lots of information about the product here along with loads of pictures with Titles and descriptions.

Profile Photo

Put in your logo, business pic or anything else that represents you.


Whether you are selling your house or you're a realtor, you can add lots of information here along with lots of photos.

Receive Reviews

Your clients or customers can leave you reviews and rate your company. This shows up on your profile. Great reviews get you much more traffic!

Reply and Moderate Reviews

This is available with all our paid plans and allows the members to approve and respond to reviews.


Service Areas

This would be the areas you service. Could be you city, county, state or national or all of the above!

Social Media Integration

Enter in all your social networks in here to display the icons on your profile. If you have a Twitter account, the Twitter feed will also display on your profile.


Have music or podcasts to share? You can add the links here along with smart tags (keywords) and description.

Top Of The Search Results

All our paid plans are shown above the free ones. The higher your plan, the higher the priority!


You can add your Youtube or Vimeo videos here. Enter smart tags (keywords), location and description for your videos.

View Profile Statistics

This section in the dashboard gives our members the ability to see profile views, clicks, phone clicks and more!